How To Turn Your Dental Insurance No Waiting Period From Zero To Hero

Just put that as the effective date and once again you as the agent been doing this try that again and you don’t even have to I mean we don’t do any sort of voice verification and so even if you just want to review the Dental Helps plans with them and get a verbal for them you know after you sign on for the health insurance or after you sign up for Medicare if they say all right here’s a plan that plan cost bucks how’s that sound.

They go yep go ahead and enroll me mister agent you don’t you can hang up Dental Insurance No Waiting Period the phone or you can leave their house and enroll them when you get back in the office or you can give it to your secretary or assistant to enroll this can be just a pure agent moment check this boxing you grew the outline of coverage.

Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

Here’s a final summary of what you’re getting what you’re buying what’s in your shopping cart etc you submit you get a thank you for your purchase from there within a minute or two you and get this email right here saying a confirmation

This is really where the magic happens with the Meritus and is because everything on the back ends automated you’re gonna get that email confirmation automatically we’re gonna do an overnight feed into our admin system so your client will be in the mmm system you know.

Dental Insurance

I mean how many of you have had a good a downward-facing one time you’d call the carrier and said oh hey has some in this application words of that and they go I don’t know you know I’m gonna find out you just called the wrong Department because it’s still pending with underwriting or error or an admin or whomever you know as a Curie rep I don’t I don’t get those calls.

All the time I speak to as a GA and then from there you know same thing we’ve got an API feed set up with the printers and so the fulfillment the ID cards all go out automatically we ship ID cards and then last but not least another thing that amazed really going to kind of shine is from an admin standpoint in a service standpoint.

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