best usa dental insurance is ameritas dental insurance

Ameritas dental insurance very simple to do just learn some a few tricks and we’re going to talk about that I linked honor our hands-on course that we’re going to be having next future dates after we’re done after the final step of light cheering we want to make sure that we use glycerin so what the glycerin does remember.

Ameritas dental
Ameritas dental

we have that oxygen inhibited layer so that glycerin is going to give us some final cure and that final cure is going to ensure that all our composite is completely cured so once we place this glycerin on top of all the tea of all the restoration .

we can hit it one last time with the light and it’s important that you have the right light if you don’t have the right light you’re not gonna be curing properly if you’re not curing properly your bond or your adhesive isn’t gonna be properly cured and it’s gonna cause sensitivity because you have .

All those polymers that are just running around and if they’re not polymerized they’re gonna be going down into the nerve they’re gonna be going down into the book and they’re gonna cause irritation they’re gonna call it papyrus and they’re gonna eventually have .

The patient coming back to your office telling you that you did something wrong when really all you missed was having the right equipment so it’s very important that you have the right equipment and that means having a light

That’s gonna have sufficient power so I like using this light I’ve used other lights too but this slide is my favorite this is the one that we have in most of our offices and it’s a something that’s gonna give you enough power to cure all the

Way down to four five six millimeters and those deep proximal boxes that you have it’s gonna give you the right economics as to where you can access posterior tooth.