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Apply full coverage dental insurance blue cross Food that stays on your teeth can lead to stains that can not form if you brush the food directly from the teeth.

Do not forget about mouthwash and lime gum Apply full coverage dental insurance blue cross Although the teeth brush and floss are more necessary than the use of mouthwash and chewing gum, your teeth will become white (and stay) if you take more precautions against staining. Between oral hygiene sessions, put a piece of gums in your mouth.

Rinse your mouth with a white mouthwash. It is also good for your health! These products will not perform as much in themselves, but can definitely make a difference if you combine it with a good cleaning and flossing routine. Think about it as the icing on the cake.


Limit the amount of coffee and tea you drink. If you really can not start your morning without coffee or tea, try drinking a straw.

You want to prevent the drink from coming into contact with your teeth. However, it is better not to drink them anymore, so do your best to kick them off.

And no, creamer or coffee flour does not make your coffee smaller. Even with milk, coffee and tea you still have the power to influence dental paint.

Unless the milk takes the most of your cup (and there is hardly any coffee), that light color will not do you very well.